Welcome I am Chanda Dobriyal

I am watercolor artist and heartily welcome you to my original watercolor paintings online fine art gallery.

Painting presented for you to browse, are my interpretation and expression of places and people that I have experienced travelling around great country of mine.

I love to observe my subjects and capture them in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way. I prefer painting as plein air outdoor in natural light, as it always challenges creativity and requires finding new perspectives, angles and compositions to present a message, emotion or moment.


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Watercolor is my passion and specialty. I indulge with the play of fluidity on daily basis either in my studio or outdoors early in the morning.


Acrylic painting captures the complexity of scene in serene way and I undertake only commission work for this medium of colors .

Oil Paints

Oil painting are executed only as commission work for my clients and most of the times based on themes they would like to adore their walls.

Lets Paint Together - Online or at my Studio

Having revolved and hustled inside the creative industry for over a decade, learning various painting medium, styles and nuances from some of the great Indian Artists, I’ve learned a number of tactics and mechanisms that can help any beginner or even seasoned entrepreneur, grow their business, gain more financial stability and personal freedom by becoming full time artist. 

My art inspiration and ideas come largely from the natural world – flowers, trees, rocks, people and landscapes – and I love to work from life. I also enjoy the challenges of abstraction and incorporate abstracted backgrounds and features into many of my paintings.

Let’s connect to learn how to paint with various mediums like watercolor, acrylics, oil, tempra, soft pastels, color pencils etc. through online video session or in person at my studio. Whether you have just started exploring art (beginner student),or you’re semi-advance learner. This private session is all for you to master in various forms of painting inclusive of Indian Folk Art!

Watercolor is a versatile painting medium, with just few art supplies and techniques, you’ll be able to capture landscape in comfortable time frame.

Oil paints are most popular medium for artistic medium, but picking up the medium is a struggle and takes time to get the feel.

Acrylic is the next medium for vibrant and realistic paintings. Picking up the nuances of acrylic are easier than oil.

Soft Pastel, color pencil and pen drawing are real stress busters and are easy to learn and practice even while you are on move and requires very few art supplies..

Lets learn Art together and Heal yourself with art therapy in my studio

Depicting light and shadow helps create illusion of three-dimensional space.

Doodling has a history dating back to human civilization. It helps connect your emotions.

India is rich in folk art and vary from region, I profess folk are like madhubani, warli.

Art helps you connect to your emotions and help you establish positive frame of mind.

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Help you to control your emotions and create Art for YOU