Art in present education system in India has taken back seat and is almost non-existent in school and it is parents as well as educationists to be blamed for apathy that art has literally disappeared from the curriculum. Though most of the schools have art books supplied along with other book and often have art teacher mostly not competent else competitiveness in excelling in maths and science find their respective teachers in eying these subject periods.

Art is fun, dipping fingers into paint and running their imaginations and fantasy over the paper has been the most coveted experience the kids carry home to their parents. However, there is more than just simple fun to learning the arts. 

The arts can help kids develop their psychology and enhances their thinking in form of developing creativity and harmony on fundamental levels in the process. Kids when they are under developing stage of brain training and they take part in the arts develop motor skills very well. Actions such as holding a paintbrush and scribbling with crayons are crucial elements in the development of a kid’s fine motor skills. The arts also help with visual-spatial learning, particularly on the fields of sculpting, painting, and drawing hence They find it easier to express themselves better than science or math can do. 

Self-confidence of the children gets a boost from the arts as their display gets immediate recognition as painting displayed on the walls are the only form where in parents and peers gets emotionally attached and engrossed. A kid’s ability to master a subject does improve confidence but taking part in the arts will force a kid to go out of their comfort zone. 

The arts also help children with decision making since visualization and composition amounts to problem solving and developed skill of critical thinking. The arts can thus make a perfect way to teach perseverance to kids from an early age.

Why Art Education is important for kids?

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